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The political and socioeconomic context in Palestine has translated to numerous external and internal hurdles to development that affect the State of Palestine’s ability to meet its international commitment to achieve the SDGs. The following challenges have been identified to foster innovative solutions that will contribute to the attainment of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Are you a social innovator with a creative idea to solve problems in the State of Palestine? Would you like to receive professional support in experimenting, testing and scaling up your proposed solution?

Before you apply, review the below innovation process to prepare a compelling application and attain a better understanding of the type of support successful applicants would receive, which might vary for each challenge:

Step 1: Learn about social innovation and decide whether it is right for you

Under Challenges, read the information pack customized for each challenge, including some background information on the development issue, the type of solutions we are looking for and selection criteria which applicants will be judged against.

Step 2: Prepare and send your application

Prepare your application using the online template by clicking on the application icon below for each challenge.  Once ready, submit your application through this page. Your application should include a 2 -minute video pitch where you can tell us about your idea – be creative! Applicants will receive a response to their initial application within 6 weeks of submission.

Step 3: Pitch your solution

A select number of applicants who pass the initial review will be invited to pitch their solutions. During this process additional interviews may occur alongside the request of any additional materials to select the winners.

Step 4: Test your idea!

A review board will assess the pitches and a number of applicants will receive funding based on a set of criteria. Once you have been recommended the funding, you are required to submit milestones to achieve with the funding that will structure the payments including an intensive two-month period of additional testing and validation. The funds could be used to improve the solution, fulfill necessary conditions for the test, gather feedback, attain particular licensing or regulatory requirements, etc.  During this process the applicants will have access to a co-working space and mentors for additional support.

Step 5: Linking with partners and investors

We will promote your solutions among actors in the innovation ecosystem for uptake and scale-up. We will also encourage and support transforming these solutions into private ventures and other scale-up models to ensure widespread of the solution across the State of Palestine.

Challenge 1
Youth Employment Challenge
Zero Hunger
Decent work & economic growth